Monday, July 30, 2012

I Don't Know What To Call This !

Hi , This is my first blog & its about msp - Movie star Planet 

 This is the logo of MSP~Movie Star Planet 

 I Go on Msp alot , I'm called Springy & am lvl 10 am hoping to lvl 11 & 12 soon . 
I have so many friends which is great ;) .Anyways , I want people to make me looks ,
   seriously i don't know what to wear . Make it somthing that matches . Thanks  

                        Here is a Keep Calm and ....whatever i dunno , But i really like that sometimes
its Crazy sometimes its funny & true Buts i like it and i love them signs . If you do 2
then comment ! Search in Google then comment wich is your favourite
Keep Calm Sign .

Sometimes I see stuff like this pic <<<<~Follow your Dreams~
People believe that but does it come true , if
you follow your dreams ? Anyway I Dunno  
what am doing in this blog . Not the best
thing i've done -.- O.O


 Keep Calm and .....